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Since 1992, Empire Builder Custom Model Railroads has been helping model railroaders to see their dreams of a model empire fulfilled. 

Every project we've created, usually began with a question from the owner "How do we get started?"  In the past this was through the postal system or by phone. Now with electronic communication the process can proceed much quicker and with more detail. 

To get started, use the email on the "Contact Us" page to start a conversation with us so we can determine how we can best serve you. We'll send you a return email with a PDF form attached which will help you evaluate your wants, needs, and space available for your "Empire". 

The next question everyone asks is "How much does it cost?"  The answer to this question is based on a lot of variables.  Are we providing the trains?  Do you just want help with the design? Is this a "turn-key" project?  Will the project be built onsite or will it be constructed in our shop, and then delivered and setup on your premise?  Lots of questions I know, but by asking and answering them, we will be able to provide you with a quote that you can count on to have all the bases covered.

Hopefully this has given you an idea of how to begin the process. Contact us today and let's get started. If you haven't got access to email, we can be contacted by phone at (216) 280-1003